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How to Remove Google News From Home Screen

If you are using Google Search App on your Mobile,you can notice that when you try to search for some query,you may see news feed on the Google Home screen. In this tutorial we will see how to remove google news feed from home screen of the app.

And The settings of the app im showing in this tutorial is based on the android app and the following images are of google search app on android.


Step by step procedure to Remove Google News from Home screen:
  1. open the google search app
  2. If you are seeing discover news then click on 3 dots at bottom of the app more…(which is the last option).
  3. click on settings then choose general option.
  4. you will find discover option,if it is enabled just disable.


clicking on more option like shown in the below image ….

Step 2 click on settings :

Step 3 click on general :


Last step disable discover option to remove google news from home screen.


By doing the above steps your google news on the home screen of the Google Search will be disabled,if you still seeing the news on home screen,just close the app once and open it again.

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